Monday, April 27, 2009

Amy Winehouse

Currently, in Health class, we're learning about drugs. I had to do a project on a celebrity and their history with drug use, so naturally, I chose Amy Winehouse. Most teenagers today are aware of the different types of drugs, their overall effects, and unfortunately, how to get them. I had no idea I would learn so much new information as I was researching about Amy's drugs. I learned the most about heroin. For example, I always thought heroin could only be injected. Apparently, most people inject it because it produces a high faster than any other method, such as smoking it or "chasing the dragon". This brings me to another fun fact, heroin is so strong that it can be heated up and inhaled, producing the same high, which is known as "chasing the dragon". Also, some of the pictures I found were pretty traumatizing. Someone I knew actually died recently of a heroin overdose. My uncle's nephew, who I'm related to by marriage, got so addicted to shooting up heroin, that he became dependent on it. He shut out everyone in his life, and it was almost like everyone was just waiting for something to happen to him. He was only 19 years old, and it's sad. Drugs are an epidemic that are taking over our youth, and honestly, something needs to be done about it.